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High Paying Financial Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2021

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April 27, 2021


Yvette Edsall

Yvette Edsall


In this article

For affiliates, we’ve put together a list of several of the most lucrative financial affiliate products you can promote on your site.

There’s a lot to love about being a financial affiliate. Financial products are evergreen, profitable and used by almost everyone. Finance is also one of the most diversified niches out there, and includes a wide variety of products for every budget, lifestyle and demographic. So regardless of who your audience is, chances are good they can benefit from the right financial products.

​Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Mention the personal finance niche to a seasoned affiliate marketer, and credit cards are likely the first product they’ll think of.

There’s a good reason for that: everyone needs them, and they’re pretty easy to understand and explain to your audience. That makes credit card affiliate programs an ideal starting point for any publisher looking to get started promoting financial products. It can also be a great option for publishers who might not want to dedicate their website to the personal finance category.

The important thing is to make sure that you’re promoting the right credit cards. Card benefits can vary widely, and each card has usually been designed to appeal to consumers with a specific lifestyle. The cards you recommend to your audience should be a good match with their personal needs.

Thanks to the sheer variety of credit card options out there, this segmentation can go pretty deep. For example, if you’re a travel blogger who specializes in budget trips, you might recommend cards with low foreign exchange and overseas withdrawal fees. On the other hand, if you cater to high-end business travelers, you might want to emphasize cards with generous frequent flyer miles and perks such as exclusive lounge access or personal concierge services.

Since credit cards are so versatile, the possibilities are only limited by your understanding of your audience.


Featured Affiliate Programs

  • Scotiabank offers a wide range of credit cards, including travel, entertainment, cash back and other rewards.
  • Tangerine Bank includes savings accounts, investment products and an attractive cash back credit card with increased rates on customer’s choice of product categories.
  • Plastk is Canada’s first secured credit card with a premium rewards program, offering one of the best cash back rates in the industry.

​Investment Product Affiliate Programs

Investment affiliate programs are a rapidly growing segment of the personal finance market. Low-cost and user-friendly fintech services have democratized investment products and made them accessible to a much wider audience than ever before. This has resulted in many lucrative growth opportunities for savvy affiliates.

In addition, investment products are one of the most diverse financial categories, including everything from real estate, to the stock market, to hedge funds and high-tech services like robo-advisors. So there are a lot of options out there, but the challenge is finding the right products for your needs.

That’s where publishers come in. By carefully curating the most suitable investment products, and explaining to your audience exactly how to make the best use of them, you can add a lot of value to their lives.

Unlike credit cards, investment products are a more specialized category that might not be useful to everyone. It’s best to target affluent audiences, as they’re more likely to have the disposable income and savings required to invest in the first place. Also, the higher their net worth, the more likely they’ll be interested in investing in multiple asset classes, allowing you to earn commissions across a wider range of products.

Ideally, your audience should also possess a basic level of financial literacy, as these products require the customer to make important decisions about how to invest for their personal long-term goals.


Featured Affiliate Programs

  • Addy is a crowdfunded real estate investing for as little as $1, without having to be an accredited investor.
  • CI Direct Investing offers professionally managed portfolios with low fees, that include personal financial planning, retirement income planning and financial advice.
  • CARL is a quantitative hedge funds with low minimum investments for high net worth accredited investors.
  • Moka automates savings and investing by rounding up purchases and investing spare change into a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Affiliate Programs for Unique Products

Many of our most important financial needs are addressed by specialized products like insurance, cell phone plans, mortgages and wills. While these products are often not as well understood as mainstream products like credit cards and investments, they present an attractive opportunity for publishers who are able to effectively educate their audience about them.

Since each of these products has a specific use case, they are an excellent way to diversify your income streams. Their specialized nature also makes it much easier to sell these products to your audience once they understand them, assuming that you’ve chosen products that effectively address their particular needs.

That last point is important, because some people just won’t need these products at all, while others will be a perfect fit. For example, the costs and benefits of health insurance plans can vary significantly depending on an individual’s medical history, hereditary conditions, lifestyle and so on. So in order for an insurance affiliate program to be profitable, it must be matched with the right audience.

Meanwhile, mortgages are only applicable to prospective home buyers who are able to afford a down payment, and who are ready to settle down in a particular city or town. And wills are typically of interest to people in mid-to-late life, especially those with families or loved ones they need to provide for in the event of their death. Marketing wills to single, 20-something year old college students is unlikely to be successful, regardless of how good your content is.


Featured Affiliate Programs

  • PolicyAdvisor uses digital tools and multiple data sources to find the right life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance or mortgage protection plan in minutes.
  • Efani is a secure cell phone plan that encrypts personal information, guarantees protection against SIM hacking, and provides $5 million insurance coverage from Lloyd’s of London.
  • Epilogue enables its users to create a legally binding Will and Powers of Attorney online in 20 minutes by answering a series of simple questions.

Become a financial affiliate today

Financial affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog or website. If you’re looking to explore financial affiliate programs, get started with some of the great options above, or contact us directly to learn more.



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